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Brittle & Toffee Sweet Pack with FREE Delivery

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A combination of 5 our most popular brittles & toffee  - and it comes with FREE Delivery
This sweetie pack includes:

  • 125g Almond Brittle 
  • 150g Honey & Sesame toffee
  • 150g Peanut Brittle 
  • 110g Popcorn & Peanut Brittle 
  • 150g Salted Caramel Peanut Brittle

From the honey to the peanuts and the brittle in-between, you can be sure that each bite you take of the delicious brittle is made from all-natural, high quality ingredients. We strive to ensure the fine ingredients used possess no artificial components at all, and we make sure that no gluten is included in this recipe.

Each and every piece is lovingly handcrafted using only the finest ingredients.

Gluten free AND exceptionally delicious

Combined Pack weight - 1.1kg

** note depending upon availability , it may be necessary to substitute for a similar product

Customer Reviews

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Half-Way Across the Word for a World of Flavor

I like to try REAL candy—the stuff made by humans using older craft. I bought a box full and it was all so good! Well, some of the toffee was too sweat for me, but I love the humbugs and rock candies and luxe candies. Passion Fruit is one of my favorites. It is a bit expensive to get it shipped to the US, but it was worth it!

Elizabeth Bushby

Fast delivery of addictive nutty packs you open only to find your finished and stll wanting more.

Brittle is evil!

Just one bite, especially the toffee sesame one is addictive, therefore evil!! :D loved it alllllll

KAY Elbourne
Mind blowing Sweets

These sweets were just like Mum used to make when we were kids in New Zealand.
Mango was out of stock, Dying to try it.
Would buy again.

Alice Ross
Great in every way

Delicious brittles and assorted rock candies. My personal favourite is the popcorn and peanut brittle. Super quick shipping in recyclable material AND personal customer service. Winning!

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Save $9.90
Brittle & Toffee Sweet Pack with FREE DeliveryBrittle & Toffee Sweet Pack with FREE Delivery
Brittle & Toffee Sweet Pack with FREE Delivery
Sale price$49.75 Regular price$59.65

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